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What was your first day on a board like?

i had just turned 6 and I picked up a new setup at boarderline for my birthday. I started practicing in my driveway and instantly fell in love with it. I showed up to pipeline skate park on opening day. i was still new on the board and slipped out going down a ramp and smacked my head good, but that definitely didn't keep me off the board. if anything it made me strive to become better at it and to this day nothing can keep me off my board.


All time favorite video part?

One of my favorite shred days in AK was up at Dan Moller's with a bunch of homies, snowmachines and our boards. We got dumped on and there was 2-feet of fresh powder and it poped bluebird for us. We spent all day making top to bottom laps. We  got some killer lines that day.


All time favorite video part?

My favorite video parts would have to be Chris Haslems, he's always had a lot of creativity in his tricks and parts. They're epic!


Biggest pet peeve in skateboarding?

That would have to be mobing in your line when you're coming in to do your trick and you snag a little pebble. Scares the hell out of you and sometimes you end up all scraped up from just that little pebble.



What’s great about skating right now?

Having boarderline as a sponsor and being a part of a team that feels like one big family. nothing like going to the park, throwing down some tricks with the boys and getting some good shots and laughs out of it.


Who do you think is the best skater, past or present?

I'm going with Rodney Mullen. He's come up with so many tricks and he's been skating ever since I was a kid. I grew up watching him and couldn't wait to see his next part.


What are your goals for this season?

To work hard through the summer, save up that money, skate as much as i can and then shred all winter with the boys!