What was your first day on a board like?

I started skateboarding cause my blades were stolen. Haha. The first time I stepped on a board, I went down a small bank and fell on my ass. But later on I caught on quick and accidentally flipped a hard flip. People cheered and it felt good. Growing up, there was way more talented skaters that showed everyday, that's what made me the decent skater I am today. Watching the way they never gave up helped me want to never give up. So, I would say it felt great to learn how to perfect my craft.


Perfect AK shred day?

The perfect day to skate is National Go Skateboarding Day. All the skaters go out and enjoy skating for the love of it. Not to show off, not to make skate clips. Just showing up to feel that great feeling of landing tricks.


All time favorite video part?

My favorite skate part is any part by Daewon Song or Andrew Reynolds. They're beastly. I've was told I look like a young Daewon song years ago.



Biggest pet peeve in skateboarding?

I'm getting old. Rolling my ankle is happening often. I hate it.


What’s great about skating right now?

The best thing right now is being sponsored by B-Line. Without their support it'd be hard to progress. Also having Sonny Pittman around as a filmer helps out too.


Who do you think is the best skater, past or present?

I don't think anyone's the best. Every pro has their own unique bag of tricks. How crazy skateboarding has become... Being unique is what it's all about if you want to make it in skating. 


What are your goals for this season?

I just want this season to go by faster. I broke my ankle this summer, So now I've gotta wait until next year to skate to my full ability. My goal is to land a backflip by the end of this year or next year. I'm bummed that my skate season got cut short due to our Alaskan weather.