What was your first day on a board like?

It was pretty funny, looking back. It was on dirty roads in the village where I grew up, in southeast Alaska. I still remember just having fun riding around on a huge flat-tail 80's board and thinking, "this is fun."


Perfect AK shred day?

Hiking some lines or days it's dumping so much the tracks are pretty much covered when you come back.


All time favorite video part?

Dylan Rieder's part in the Gravis video. I'd stay awake watching that one. When I was a kid though, the Boarderline JB duece videos. They were the only videos I grew up really wanting to be in. It Looked so fun and I already knew some of the dudes. I finally made it into the 49th Chamber. I flew up to Anchorage for the premiere. Two sold out shows. Craziest premiere I've ever been to. I enoy filming and making movies based on that experience, being in a room full of people who are all stoked for the same good feeling.



Biggest pet peeve in skateboarding?

My biggest peeve is an ironic one. People saying "let's go skate" on a nice day and then they end up at the Pipeline Skate Park. I help build that place, but on a nice day I want to skate street and see what happens.


Who do you think is the best skater, past or present?

I'm stoked to get people into skating. Just seeing people stoked on it. Dudes who quit and came back and the lil groms who are just finding it. Everybody on the Internet is so sick to watch, but seeing the stuff in real life is the coolest.


What are your goals for this season?

Buy more camera gear and film more sick stuff and repair the Pipeline Skate Park again. Hoping to have a new roof within two years. Gotta keep the driest place in town lit. And go to Haines, ride and drone out!