Photos: Jeremy Lavender, Ryan Cortes


What was your first day on a board like?

My first day was spent on the bunny-hill of Brodie Mountain in Western Mass. It was 1997 and I remember trying to ride the rope tow was the hardest part. No handles like you see today, just a raw rope to pull yourself up. Being on the board felt pretty natural and I was instantly hooked. I don’t think my parents knew what they had gotten themselves into.


Perfect AK shred day?

waking up to blue skies at the Funny Farm or Jake [Liska's] cabin, whipping up some breakfast burritos and coffee, then walking out the door to start up the sleds and ripping up to Old Faithful to lap the goods until it's dark. 


All time favorite video part?

I can’t say I have one all time favorite part, but I love watching what Forest Bailey has filmed over the past couple of years with Transworld and Snowboarder Mag. Forest destroys street spots with the illest style, and then brings that into backcountry jumps. Hats off to anyone who films split parts!



Biggest pet peeve in snowboarding?

I guess lately I’ve been turned off by these Budweiser promotions from Jamie and Scotty Lago. I understand there is some money involved, but damn, Budweiser? I thought energy drinks were bad enough… 


What’s great about snowboarding right now?

I’m really hyped on all the creative shapes being ridden today. I think Corey Smith and Springbreak set the tone for people to step away from traditional snowboards, and ride whatever makes you feel good. I love seeing the super directional, unique boards. In a way, it says something about the person riding it. 


Who do you think is the best rider in snowboarding, past or present?

This is a tough question. My vote is for Pat Moore. There have been so many legends to strap into a snowboard and influence where we are today with it, it’s insane to pick just one. But in my opinion, Pat is someone that snowboarding has really benefited from having at the forefront of the industry. From the little time I’ve spent with him, he seems like a genuinely good human- humbled and friendly. Also, the fact that he grew up on the East Coast riding rails, filming street parts for years, and now sets the bar for backcountry filming is gold. His style is timeless. his riding is so damn smooth. and he charges!


What are your goals for this season?

This season is going to be a little different now that I’m working for Windells Academy in Mt. Hood, Oregon. but, the goal is always to be on my snowboard as much as I can. I’m excited to explore this place during the actual winter months, see what hidden gems can be found and ridden. I hope to put some hours on the sled, find some features to launch off of and some steep shit to get on top of. I’m also looking forward to exploring Bachelor, and of course getting back to Haines in the spring!