Photos: Freddie Hopkins


What was your first day on a board like?

I was pumped. I had my fresh new Burton Craig Kelly Micro Air. Burton gear head to toe. I could only link my heel edge for the first two days, then it all came together.


Perfect AK shred day?

Perfect Ak shred day would have to be going up in a Heli with my boys and getting white-roomed.


Biggest pet peeve in snowboarding?

Getting snow in my googles.


What’s great about snowboarding right now?

As you grow older, you see the young park groms, Mikkel Bang for example, taking their freestyle to the big mountains.


Who do you think is the best rider in snowboarding, past or present?

That's a tough one. Well, I think the Alaska crew had mad talent, we just never got the recognition we deserved. I would say the best snowboarder right now would have to be Travis Rice. He's just a good all around rider and he's well driven to get'r done.


What are your goals for this season?

To ride pow and get a few shots for the Boarderline video that J-Bo is going to put out. And go and log some helicopter pilot in command hours so I can one day call up my boy Curstix and we can both shred with the boys and he or I could fly us back to the top of a mountain!