Photos: Jeremy Lavender


What was your first day on a board like?

My first day snowboarding was up at Eaglecrest with my 6th grade class. I had a lesson with some other beginners on the bunny slope. I don't remember much but I'm sure I ate shit a ton while trying to use the platter pole just to get up the hill. My friend Matt told me I should ride regular since it was easy to grab hold of the bar as it swung around to take us uphill. I didn't snowboard at all the rest of that winter. However, the next season I just decided I would love snowboarding and have had a season pass every year since.

Perfect AK shred day?

Shredding Eaglecrest with pow and a few choice homies. Or doing some sled access shred up in Haines. Either way, we're slashing, laughing and trying to find air time.


All time favorite video part?

Gigi and nico in "twelve", wolle in "Optimistic," and Lando in "black winter."



Biggest pet peeve in snowboarding?

I can't be around big egos for very long. We're snowboarding, all we have to be is happy that we get to do that.


What’s great about snowboarding right now?

I still love doing it.


Who do you think is the best rider, past or present?

I get inspired watching a bunch of different people shred. Gigi, Nico and Lando are the styles I'm drawn to the most because they don't need bluebird or a massive cheese wedges to do mind boggling shredding.


What are your goals for this season?

To explore, learn and be happy as heck that I'm snowboarding. And find Daryl.