pHOTOS: Chris miller, Sonny Pittman, chuck clasby


What was your first day on a board like?

I'll never forget it. I got a burton chopper for Christmas and the next day my neighbor and I went up to Loveland ski area to do a lesson. The instructor first had us just strap in our front foot and go down 10-feet or so then take a heel-side turn to stop, to simulate getting off the lift. I remember strapping in and, on my first try, I made it down to a stop without falling. I was stoked! We did that for awhile, then split up the group to who she thought was ready to go up the lift. My first run down I definitely caught a couple edges, but was able to figure it out really quick. By the end of the day, I was semi-turning down the whole bunny hill. I can still remember that feeling when it just clicked and I was actually snowboarding. For me, that was the coolest feeling in the world–to be able to glide down the snow like that.


Perfect AK shred day?

Wake up to a bluebird pow day in a cabin surrounded by epic terrain. start a fire in the wood stove, do some yoga or foam rolling, make an egg sandwich, head out the door and hike/sled to some sick zones with friends. Shred some epic lines, grill up some lunch, ride till sunset, then top it off with some babes, beer, a bombfire and northern lights!



All time favorite video part?

Craig kelly and terje's part in "the process" has always stuck with me for some reason. Every time I hear that Pink Floyd song I see their part in my head and it reminds me of just the pure essence of snowboarding.


Biggest pet peeve in snowboarding?

Waiting on a pow day, or loose boots.


What’s great about snowboarding right now?

Everything. Snowboarding is pretty much the funnest thing ever. Seeing the creativity that fuels progression to new levels everyday is inspiring. The best part about snowboarding is that it's all about your perspective and your ability to be creative, and expressing yourself through snowboarding. To me, it's all about the feeling I get when I'm pushing myself, having those moments when you feel so happy about your snowboarding and just having fun with friends. Also, to inspire and make others feel good about their riding.



Who do you think is the best rider in snowboarding, past or present?

Travis rice. he has the utmost dedication to the sport, from creating an entirely new form of competing with ultra and supernatural, to his films that fundamentally changed the way we look at snowboarding. Not to mention how he snowboards is out of this world!


What are your goals for this season?

Just to progress as much as I can, mainly focusing on bigger and steeper lines and just really learning and understanding the dynamics of line riding. I'd also like to become more knowledgable with backcountry avalanche awareness. Learning how to ride my sled is definitely on the list. and, as always, to have as much fun as possible and stay injury free!